Labor Economics, First Mini, Fall 2016


Important Issues of Our Time



Tuesday September 6th                   Shimer 2012, JME                                                                 Wage Rigidities and Jobless Recoveries


Thursday September 8th                 Rendahl 2016, ReStud                                                         Fiscal Policy in an Unemployment Crisis’


Tuesday September 13th                 Heathcote and Perri 2016                                                   “Wealth and Volatility”


Thursday September 15nd               ?


Tuesday September 20th                 Heathcote and Perri 2016                                                   “Capital Controls and Competitiveness”


Tuesday September 29th                          Chetty, Hendren, Kline, and Saez 2014, QJE                   “Where is the Land of Opportunity“


Thursday September 29th               Heathcote, Perri, and Violante 2010, RED                “Unequal We Stand”


Tuesday October 4th                        Daly, Hryshko, Manovskii 2016                                        “Reconciling Estimates of Earnings Processes in Growth Rates and Levels”


Thursday October 6th                      Badel 2016                                                                             “A Racial Inequality Trap”


Tuesday October 11th                      Moro and Norman 2003, JPubE                                        “Affirmative Action in a Competitive Economy”


Thursday October 13th                    Cai and Heathcote 2016                                                      “College Tuition and Income Inequality”


Thursday October 18th                    Caucutt and Lochner 2012                                                 “Early and Late Human Capital Investments, Borrowing Constraints and the Family”


Tuesday October 20th                      Glover, Krueger, Heathcote and Rios-Rull 2015           “Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession”