Public Economics, Fourth Mini, Spring 2018


Monday and Wednesday, 9am-10.40am, Hanson 4-170.



Monday March 19th                          Ramsey Taxation; Atkeson, Chari and Kehoe     “Taxing Capital Income: A Bad Idea” My Notes


Wendesday March 21st                    Ramsey Taxation: Straub and Werning 2015       “Positive Long Run Capital Taxation: Chamley-Judd Revisited”       Slides


Monday March 26th                          Domeij and Heathcote 2004                                   “On the Distributional Effects of Reducing Capital Taxes”

                                                            Acikgoz 2015                                                            “Transitional Dynamics and Long-Run Optimal Taxation under Incomplete Markets”


Wedsnesday March 28th                  No Class


Monday April 2nd                             Chari Nicolini and Teles x 2                                   “Optimal Capital Taxation Revisited”

                                                                                                                                                “Ramsey Taxation in the Global Economy”


Wednesday April 4th                       Heathcote, Storesletten, and Violante 2017         “Optimal Tax Progressivity: An Analytical Framework”  Slides         


Monday April 9th                             Methods for solving savings problems                “Rough Notes”


Wednesday April 11th                     Heathcote and Tsujiyama 2017                              “Optimal Income Taxation: Mirrlees Meets Ramsey”                                  


Monday April 16th                           Mirrlees taxation continued


Wednesday April 18th                     Mirrlees taxation continued


Monday April 23rd                           Krueger and Ludwig                                              “On the Optimal Provision of Social Insurance: Progressive Taxation versus Education Subsidies in General Equilibrium”


Wednesday April 25th                     Dyrda and Pedroni                                                  “Optimal Fiscal Policy in a Model with Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Shocks”


Monday April 30th                           Stantcheva                                                                 “Optimal Taxation and Human Capital Policies Over the Life-Cycle”


Wednesday May 2nd                        Scheuer and Werning                                              Mirrlees Meets Diamond Mirrlees: Simplifying Nonlinear Income Taxation”