Public Economics, Second Mini, Fall 2021


Mon and Thurs, 9.00-10.30am


Class 1, Thurs Oct 28:



Class 2, Mon Nov 1:

Notes on Mirrlees Taxation


Hitoshi and Tsujiyama Grid Points paper


Class 3, Thurs Nov 4:

Hitoshi and Tsujiyama JPE paper and slides

Hall and Sargent paper


Class 4, Mon Nov 8:

Notes on dynamic Mirrlees taxation (by Job Boerma)


Class 5, Thurs Nov 11:

Dynamic taxation continued, Farhi and Werning paper


Class 6, Mon Nov 15:

Health risk and disability insurance: Hosseini, Kopecky and Zhao paper slides


Class 7, Thurs Nov 18

The market for college: Cai and Heathcote paper slides


Class 8, Mon Nov 22

Child-related transfers: Guner, Kaygusuz and Ventura paper slides


Class 9, Mon Nov 29

Heathcote, Storesletten and Violante notes on the model tricks


Class 10, Thurs Dec 2

HSV continued AER paper QJE paper QJE slides


Class 11, Mon Dec 6

Time consistent fiscal policy: Klein, Krusell and Rios-Rull and my notes