Public Economics, Third Mini, Spring 2020


Monday & Wednesday 9.00am-10.40am, Hanson 4-170.



Wednesday Jan 22nd             Ramsey Taxation; Atkeson, Chari and Kehoe     “Taxing Capital Income: A Bad Idea” My Notes


Monday Jan 27th                   Ramsey Taxation: Straub and Werning AER 2020         “Positive Long Run Capital Taxation: Chamley-Judd Revisited”             Notes


Wednesday Jan 29th             Straub Werning cont.


Monday Feb 3rd                    Time Consistent Policy:      Klein, Krusell and Rios-Rull ReStud 2008               My Notes


Wednesday Feb 5th               Mirrlees Taxation:                Rough Notes


Monday Feb 10th                   Heathcote and Tsujiyama 2019                  Slides


Wednesday Feb 12th             Dynamic Mirrlees Taxation            Job Boerma Notes


Monday Feb 17th                   Farhi and Werning 2013


Wednesday Feb 19th             Wealth Taxation:      Guvenen, Kambourov, Kuruscu, Ocampo, Chen 2019   Slides


Monday Feb 24th                   Markups and Inequality:    Boar and Midrigan 2019  (slides)


Wednesday Feb 26th             Robots:           Guerreiro, Rebelo, Teles 2019  (slides)


Monday Mar 2nd                   Tax Progressivity     Heathcote, Storesletten, Violante 2017