Public Economics, Third Mini, Spring 2021


Tues and Thurs, 9.00-10.30am, via Zoom


Class 1, Tues Jan 19th:

Research Topics

Debt Dynamics

WSJ article on Yellen

Mehrotra and Sergeyev

Furman and Summers


Class 2, Thurs Jan 21st:

Notes on Mirrlees Taxation


Class 3, Tues Jan 24th:

Heathcote and Tsujiyama: Mirrlees Meets Ramsey

Heathcote and Tsujiyama: Grid Points


Class 4, Thurs Jan 26th:

Dynamics Mirrlees Models: Boerma Notes

Farhi and Werning 2016


Class 5, Tues Feb 2nd:

Deficit financed spending: Amador and Arellano discussion, My example

Edmond PIH notes (preview for tax smoothing result)


Class 6, Thurs Feb 4th:

Hall and Sargent 2021 and my note with equations

Deficit spending in OG economy


Class 7, Tues Feb 9th

Hall and Sargent continued, homework review


Class 8, Thurs Feb 11th

Straub and Werning 2020 My notes


Class 9, Tues Feb 16th

Guerriero, Rebelo and Teles 2020 robots paper. My note with equation


Class 10, Thurs Feb 18th

Heathcote, Storesletten and Violante 2017 Slides Notes